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Web Developer

I'm a Front-End Developer who's passionate about building delightful user experiences. I'm a purveyor of everything JavaScript and a persistent learner of new things. I stand for excellent design, usability, and engineering. It's a joy working with a bright team to achieve web business goals!
Drian Hillman - Portrait


Interactive Postcards thumbnail

Interactive Postcards

Creating an interactive web element for the 2019 Annual Fund Campaign.

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Student Checklist thumbnail

Student Checklist

A checklist element to help ready incoming students for a new school year.

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Live Stream Experience thumbnail

Live Stream Experience

Building the Athletics Live Stream UI for weekly athletic contests.

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Animated Icon Grid thumbnail

Animated Icon Grid

Creating an interactive categorization of documents & resources for parents.

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Portal Redesign thumbnail

Portal Redesign

Launching a suite of constituent portals at Choate Rosemary Hall.

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Marketing Redesign thumbnail

Marketing Redesign

Redesigning the external Choate marketing site in 2016.

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