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About Me

I’m a generalist developer who enjoys building & designing delightful web experiences across the full stack— whether it’s adding frontend visual polish or implementing backend features and services.

Primary Scripting Languages

JavaScript ES6+

Frameworks & Libraries

  • React
  • Node.js
  • Gatsby
  • Next.js
  • Apollo
  • Rails 5
  • jQuery

Frontend Development

Modern CSS
  • CSS Grid, Flexbox, and Responsive Design
  • Styled Components
  • CSS Modules
  • Sass
  • Design Systems: Apple HIG, Material Design, and Carbon
  • CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap, UIkit, and Foundation
Frontend Engineering
  • Optimizing & profiling for performance
  • Detecting and resolving memory leaks

Backend Development

Data Layer, Infrastructure, and Testing
  • GraphQL
  • NoSQL Databases
  • ORM Databases
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • RSpec
  • Git Workflows
  • Continuous Integration

About this Site


This site started with a blank canvas and an empty code editor. I designed this site primarily in Adobe XD (my current UI editor of choice) after first brainstorming on paper with sketches.

I wanted to develop a personal site that was truly my own, meanwhile, also utilizing some of the newer tools I'm interested in building with.


I began development using Gatsby (a NodeJS plugin and static site generator) for its blazing fast delivery of content and its progressive JavaScript ecosystem. I can see my changes take place in real-time as I save changes in my code editor.


Gatsby utilizes React & GraphQL which is great for rapid front-end development. GraphQL lets me fetch my site's resources the same way I'd bring in API endpoints.

I mainly manage styles here with CSS-in-JS techniques and styled-components. Out of sheer interest, building my personal site with a modern stack allows me to implement some of the latest development techniques that I'm interested in.


Deployment for the site is through Netlify, one of my favorite hosts. Netlify is doing amazing things for devops, where each push to my repository triggers a site build & deployment. Devops is a breeze as Netlify detects a Node environment and builds accordingly.


Ruby, Jekyll, and GitHub Pages (2016)

Version 1 of my personal site was built with Ruby at its core utilizing the Jekyll static site generator. Styles were managed with SASS. It was a simple, clean, Jekyll template that served its purpose but didn't give as much of a creative outlet.

Build Things…

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Alexa Classical Study Music

A production-quality voice application for the Amazon app store.

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The Jump Shop

A full-stack e-commerce web app built with Node, GraphQL, React, Stripe, and more.

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